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The highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in the U.S

by CareerBuilder - 08/23/2019
The highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. are heavy on STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – skills.

CareerBuilder recently used government data to determine which careers are likely to be lucrative and in demand.

Nationally, software developers have a median pay of $105,590 a year with a higher-than-average outlook for job growth.

Here’s each state’s entry for highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs:

Alabama – Software developer

Alaska – Registered nurse

Arizona – Nurse practitioner

Arkansas – Physical therapist

California – Occupational therapy assistants

Colorado – Operations research analysts

Connecticut – Nurse practitioner

Delaware -Financial sales agents

Washington, D.C. – Software developers

Florida – Medical scientists

Georgia – Film and video editors

Hawaii – Physical therapists

Idaho – Market researchers

Illinois – Physician assistants

Indiana - Physician assistants

Iowa - Physician assistants

Kansas – Software developers

Kentucky - Physician assistants

Louisiana – Software developers

Maine – Software developers

Maryland – Flights attendants

Massachusetts – Computer scientists

Michigan – Occupational therapy assistants

Minnesota - Physician assistants

Mississippi - Software developers

Missouri – Software developers

Montana - Software developers

Nebraska – Physical therapists

Nevada - Software developers

New Hampshire - Software developers

New Jersey – Physical therapy assistants

New Mexico - Software developers

New York – Physical therapy assistants

North Carolina - Software developers

North Dakota - Software developers

Ohio – Physician assistants

Oklahoma – Rotary drill operators

Oregon – Postsecondary teachers

Pennsylvania – Nurse practitioners

Rhode Island - Software developers

South Carolina - Software developers

South Dakota - Software developers

Tennessee - Software developers

Texas – Nurse practitioners

Utah – Producers and directors

Vermont - Software developers

Virginia – Physician assistants

Washington – Nurse practitioners

West Virginia - Software developers

Wisconsin – Software developers

Wyoming – Business operations specialists
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