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Anaheim, CA Career Fair

by National Career Fairs - 05/03/2019
Event Period: 05/08/2019
Event Location:
Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort
616 W Convention Way,
Anaheim, California 92802
Anaheim Career Fair

May 8, 2019
11:00 am-2:00 pm

Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort
616 W Convention Way,
Anaheim, California 92802

Career fairs provide a rare opportunity to meet many employers and company representatives in one place. So you will be able to have many short interviews with members of HR teams and submit your resume. You can also make some inquiries about their standard online recruitment procedures and interviews. Hence, you can gain an advantage over those who have not attended the job fair. Remember that many of the people you will interact with may be very difficult to see when they return to their corporate offices.

Are you looking for a job? Are you tired of sending resumes left and right and never getting an answer? If you are, dress in your best professional clothes, bring resumes and visit our Brooklyn Career Fairs. You will have the opportunity to meet top-employers and to interview for several positions during the course of the day, meeting the people who actually make the hiring decisions. You will save a lot of time since there will be no need to craft a customized personal statement for each company you visit: You’ll be able to tell them why you wish to work for them, and you’ll have the chance to sell yourself.

Our employers send their managers to carry out onsite interviews. Don’t wait for someone to call you for an interview. Sign up for our next career fair and give off a first impression that makes a lasting career.
More Details: https://www.nationalcareerfairs.com/career-fairs/anaheim-career-fairs/05-08-2019/
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