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Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, FL. posts 37 new jobs

by - 03/31/2010
"Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, FL. posts 37 new jobs"
Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach posts 37 new jobs, jumps on social media bandwagon

I often check Piper's Web site for any company updates, because that's the way the company chooses to communicate any external press announcements.

Although the company did not put out a press release on the staffing development, the number is clear on its "careers" section - Piper is looking to hire 37 individuals to fill positions ranging from engineering and manufacturing to information technology and marketing.
Good for Piper and good for the Indian River County economy! With Indian River County's unemployment rate at 14.3 percent, it's a welcome economic sign that the largest manufacturing company in the region wants to start hiring again.

In February 2009, about 300 Piper employees were laid off without severance and since 2008, about 500 employees have been laid off from Piper's manufacturing headquarters in Vero Beach. Piper hasn't told the media how many people currently work at the plant and no official announcement about staffing levels has been made. However, a February e-mail from Piper spokesman Mark Miller said the company was hiring in "certain areas" but was not bringing back large numbers of people in manufacturing.

But hiring 37 new employees is a start.

Scrolling through the job postings, I saw an interesting listing for a "manager of new media services" based in Piper's Vero Beach office. Seems like Piper wants to jump on the social media bandwagon and is seeking someone to "participate actively within the greater blogosphere," according to the job description. The position describes an all around media ambassador for the company, a smart move for Piper considering the digital age.

Hopefully this is a signal that Piper wants to be more open and transparent about happenings within the company.

Another position that will do the company good is the "internal communications and branding specialist," who would be responsible for all internal HR communications. According to the job description, that person would also manage Piper's community relations programs with United Way, Relay for Life, Blood Drives and Toys for Tots. We've always asked Piper to tell us about the company's positive news and how Piper is involved in the local community, so this is another welcome sign.
Earlier this year, Piper stated that the company was looking to hire 50 engineers to build the new PiperJet. Now, only 18 engineering positions remain, according to Piper's Web site.

To apply for the above mentioned jobs and other vacancies at Piper, applicants are asked to e-mail salary requirements and a resume to with the title of the position in the subject line.